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 Disease Diagnosis and Health management

HealthThis facility provides necropsy and laboratory diagnosis, designs disease control and health management measures, investigates specific diseases of importance, evaluates immune competence and provides expertise to other scientific community of DPR.  The post mortem and laboratory facilities are well equipped with laminar flow hoods, CO2 incubators, fluorescent and inverted microscopes, freezers, microplate reader, Real-time PCR machine, cryotome, histopathology equipment, spectrophotometer, electrophoresis unit, vaccine storage facilities etc.

Contact Person: Dr. D. Suchitra Sena, Dr T.R. Kannaki

Physiology & Semen biology

This facility provides evaluation of semen from various pureline males and facilitates artificial insemination in pedigree. The semen biology laboratory is equipped with equipment required for routine analysis of semen samples.  

Contact person: Dr. Anand Laxmi, Dr. R.K. Mahapatra, Dr. M. Shanmugam 

Experimental farm

Poultry farm

 DPR has well-managed floor brooder cum grower houses and cage layer houses for rearing of purebred meat type, egg type and dual type chicken lines. Facilities are well designed to rear and obtain individual bird data on genetic traits. The average number of birds at any one time is about 16,000-20,000.  In addition, stainless steel battery cage facilities (2000 bird capacity) are available for controlled nutrition and health experimental studies. This facility rears various genetic populations as per the requirements of population geneticists of DPR. The populations housed currently in the farm include four layer lines (IWI, IWK, IWH and control), three broiler lines (Pb1, Pb2 and broiler control), two gene lines (Naked Neck and Dwarf), five rural poutry lines (Vanaraja male & female lines, Aseel, Kadaknath) and several test crosses.

Contact Person: Dr S.K.Bhanja,  A. Ravi Kumar

Experimental hatchery


A well-maintained hatchery is situated at a strategic location to receive hatching eggs from different layer houses. This facility consists of fumigation room, walk-in cold room for fertile egg storage and three setters each with the capacity of 13,000 eggs and two hatchers each with capacity of 9,000 eggs. This facility stores fertile eggs and hatches pedigree and commercial chicks and undertakes sexing of pedigree chicks.

Contact person: Dr L. Leslie Leo Prince, Mr. G. Rajeswar Goud


Feed compounding

A modern feed compounding facility, consisting of raw material storage godown, a cold room for storage of feed additives, feed grinders and mixers, compounds and supplies chick, grower and breeder feed for the stocks maintained at DPR. About 50-60 MT of poultry feed is compounded every month at this facility.

Contact person: Dr. M.V.L.N. Raju, Mr D. Pratap

AKMU (formerly ARIS Cell)

The Cell assists the users in effective application of various software packages pertaining to statistical analysis of research data, photo editing, document conversion, Biometric attendance, etc. Local area network (with anti-virus protection) and website are maintained for easy communication/data transfer and projection of Institute’s activities, respectively. Internet facility has been provided through fibre optic cable network from National Knowledge Network (NKN) to all the users on LAN with 100 Mbps bandwidth with secure firewall. 

Contact persons: Dr L. Leslie Leo Prince, Mr V.V.Rao

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