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 Contract Dr. U. Rajkumar, Head, Division of PG&B & Incharge, Skill Development Cell. Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Germplasm availability and booking details

Improved Rural Chicken Varieties (click on Language      Hindi    English   Telugu   Tamil)

Price List: Latest price list and payment details for supply of germplasm (DPR, Hyderabad) *New

(Vanaraja, Gramapriya, Srinidhi, Krishibro, Swetasri, Krishilayer, Aslibro, Aseel, Ghagus, Kadaknath, Nicobari, Vanashree, Janapriya are available.) 

VermipoulVermicompost made from Poultry litter is available for sale (Rs 70/- Per Kg)   

Avian Health and Diagnostic Services (Molecular diagnosis and Serology Services): Updated screening rates

 Payment Gateway

Expression of Interest on technology developed at this Directorate

For details click on the below link

 A kit for detection of myostatin or any other protein with a paper dip assay

Concanavalin A (Con-A) ELISA kit for Newcastle disease virus Sero-monitoring in chick

Other Circulars/orders                                                                                




Price fixation order of Regional Station -Bhubaneswar


Price fixation of Janapriya


Avian Health and Diagnostic services


Price fixation order for germplasm, grown up birds, services etc


Price fixation of eggs, Duck meat at RS, Bhubaneswar


Price fixation of chicks and eggs of Chemballi Ducks at RS, Bhubaneswar


Price fixation of table eggs, Duck meat and other items at RS, Bhubaneswar


Price fixation of the Nicobari Breed (Hatching eggs and Day Old Chicks)


Price fixation of the grownup birds Vanashree and Gaghus 


 Price fixed for Vermicompost manure available at DPR, Hyderabad


 Prices fixed for Feed Analysis Services at DPR, Hyderabad


 Price of ducklings at Regional Station, Bhubaneshwar


Rates fixed by Price Fixation Committee of Regional Station, Bhubaneshwar


 Rates for Avian Health and Diagnostics Services, Contract Service project 

  Old Circulars

 25-11-2020 Price Fixation of iron enriched egg
 20-07-2020 Price Fixation of Aseel grownup birds
 10-02-2020 Re-fixation of price for feed on 10-02-2020
 06-08-2019 Price Fixation of Kadaknath grownup birds
 25-03-2019 Rates fixed for KADAKNATH fertile eggs and Day old chicks


Compensation for loss of chicks due to transportation stress for parents's DOC germplasm (transit loss) and Rate of male Dehlam Red DOC


 Price fixation of day old chicks of PD-4 (Improved Aseel) and Ghagus

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