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 Transfer of Technology

Transfer of technologyThe unit is involved in supplying various chicken varieties developed at the Directorate. Further, dissemination of various technologies developed at the Institute is carried out through various means like participation in Farmer - scientist meet, developing video and audio programs and telecast/broadcast them through electronic media like television and radio, screening them at different extension programs where the Institute participated. The technologies are also being propagated by using print media of local, national and international agricultural/animal science magazines apart from publishing the research data in peer reviewed scientific journals. Bulletins, brochures and leaflets made (local, national language and English) on different technologies are made available to farmers. Technical guidance is provided on various aspects of poultry farming, nutrition, health management, etc. for both Intensive and free-range rural poultry farming.  

MGMG Program

ICAR-DPR actively involved in Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav program in five adopted villages. Improved chicken varieties were distributed to the farmers in the villages at subsidized rates. Required technical advises in health care and nutrition was provided as and when required.

 Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)

Improved Chicken Farming introduced in tribal villages of Adilabad district, Telangana under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). The Directorate initiated TSP work in Adilabad district, which has been identified by the Govt. of India and ICAR for implementation of Tribal Sub Plan. Under this program, grownup chicks of Vanaraja alongh with inputs were distributed to tribal farmers in tribal hamlets of Adilabad district

 Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP)

ICAR-DPR initiated the SC Sub Plan work with a training program to SC farmers from Gudur Village, Shamsabad Mandal, Ranga Reddy District. 

Germplasm Supply (2020, Jan- Dec) 

 ICAR- DPR                                : 2,99,594

 AICRP on Poultry Breeding              : 6,40,999 

 Poultry Seed Project                          : 4,19,477  
 Total                                                  : 13,59,060

A total of 13.6 lakhs of improved germplasm was distributed from ICAR- DPR, AICRP-PB and PSP centres during 2019

 Contact persons: Dr. M. Niranjan, Dr S.V.Rama Rao, Dr. Vijayakumar, Dr S. K. Bhanja and Mr. D. Pratap

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