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PD-2 (Vanaraja Female) Line registered

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PD-2 (Vanaraja Female) Line registered by ICAR-NBAGR, Karnal

PD-2 (Vanaraja Female) Line: PD-2 has been developed by ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad and is used as female parent for production of Vanaraja, a dual purpose backyard chicken variety. SY-Multicoloured broiler control population available at ICAR-DPR, Hyderabad was utilized for the development of PD-2 line. The birds have mostly single combs, multicoloured plumage, yellow colour skin and shank and lays brown coloured eggs. The average six week body weight and shank length ranges from 450-650 g and 66-76 mm, respectively. Adult body weight at 40 weeks of age ranges from 2.4 to 2.8 kg in female and from 3 to 3.5 kg in male. The age at sexual maturity ranges from 160 to 175 days. The egg weight at 40 week ranges from 52 to 56 g. The annual egg production varies between 190 and 215 eggs. Population size is approximately 5,000. Accession number: INDIA_CHICKEN_001_PD2_13002.

More details; http://www.nbagr.res.in/New_Breeds_Registered.pdf.

PD2 Chicken Line

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