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Externally funded Projects

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Sl. No.Project TitlePIName of Co-PIsProject Duration
1.       Life cycle Analysis for Carbon footprint reduction through dietary modulations in broiler meat production (NICRA-CGP)Dr. S.V. Rama RaoDr. M.V.L.N. RajuDr. S.S. PaulDr. B. PrakashDr. Vijay KumarDr. M. ShanmugamDr. T.R. Kannaki2021-24
2.       Effect of dietary supplementation of bio-fortified maize (QPM) on performance of chickens (ICAR-consortia research program)Dr. B. PrakashDr. S.V. Rama RaoDr. M.V.L.N. Raju2018-24
3.       INFAAR (Indian Network of Fisheries and Animal Antimicrobial Resistance) (Net work project)Dr. D. Suchitra SenaDr. M.R.ReddyDr. S.K.BhanjaDr. T.R.Kannaki2020-24
4.       Enrichment of egg and meat by producing bovine Lactoferrin through development of transgenic chicken (DBT)Dr. KS Rajaravindra Dr. Nirmalya Ganguli, NIAB2022-25
5.       IoT Solution for Smart Poultry Farm practice (MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology))Dr. A. KannanDr S V RamaraoDr T R KannakiDr S K Bhanja 2022-24
6.       Development of transgenic chicken as bioreactor for easy and cost effective production of human therapeutic proteins - tissue plasminogen activator (htPA) and erythropoietin (hERP)- NASF ProjectDr S JayakumarDr S. P.Yadav Dr. Nirmalya Ganguli, NIAB2022-25
7.       Consortium Research Platform (CRP)  on  Agro- biodiversity (ICAR- NBAGR)Dr Shanmugam M Dr Jayakumar S 2021-25
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