A team of scientists and technicians of the Directorate offer technical inputs on routine basis to the farmers and technical personalities involved in the poultry farming and research

Institute Technology Management Unit

This Directorate has been identified as one of the Institute Technology Management Units (ITMU) to operate Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/Commercialisation of Agricultural Technology Scheme.  A budget allocation of Rs. 23.52 lakhs was made to the Directorate for XI Plan period.  The work under this scheme was initiated during 2008-09 and recruitment of Research Associate was completed during March 2009.  The chairman of the committee is Dr. R.N. Chatterjee, Director.  and Dr. R. Kalpana Sastry, Principal Scientist, NAARM as an external expert.  Registration of lines developed at this Directorate was attempted.  Trade mark registration and development of memorandum of agreement for IP protection and commercialisation of chicken varieties are in progress

Patents/trade marks obtained

 A patent (No. 309612 dated 30.3.2012) has been awarded on “Diagnostic kit, Primers and method for sex determination in chicks and adults of Avian species” 

·         Trademark certifications have been obtained for the Gramapriya and Krishibro at Trademark Registrar Office, Chennai, Govt. of India. The application for Vanaraja is under process at Registrar Office.

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