MGMG Program


MGMG programme organised at Khandu Tanda, Balanagar Mandal

A bird distribution programme was organised under the Mera Goan Mera Gaurav programme (MGMG) of the Directorate at the Khandu Tanda Village, Balanagar Mandal, Mahaboobnagar Dist., Telangana on 02.11.2021. A team of scientists comprising of Drs. Anand Laxmi, Shyam Sunder Paul, Suchitra Sena and K.S. Rajaravindra participated in the programme and elaborated about the various activities of the Directorate and the importance of MGMG programme in the village. Improved chicken varieties were distributed to 25 tribal families for nutritional security and livelihood improvement. The farmers were explained about the role of the Directorate in adopting their village and different developmental activities that will be taken up in that village. The villagers were also explained about the different packages of practices to be adopted for backyard rearing of the improved chicken varieties. The programme was coordinated by Dr. K.S. Rajaravindra, Senior Scientist of this Directorate.