DAPSC input distribution programme, AP


Input distribution to SC beneficiaries of Malpuru Village (AP) under DAPSC Programme

A programme was organized by the Directorate under the Development Action Plan for Schedule Castes (DAPSC) scheme at Mulpuru Village (Amruthalur Mandal, Guntur Dist) Andhra Pradesh on 30th October 2021. Under this programme, a total of 650 birds of improved chicken variety, 500 kg feed, 100 waterers and 100 feeders were distributed to 100 SC farmers to supplement the night shelters provided to these farmers a few months ago. The farmers were elaborated on the role of backyard poultry in alleviating malnutrition in children, elderly people and pregnant women. The programme was attended by Dr. L. Leslie Leo Prince and Dr.Shanmugam, M, of the Directorate and Dr.P.Deepthi, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Veterinary Dispensary, Mulpuru. The farmers were informed about the benefits of rearing improved rural chicken varieties for sustainable livelihoods and nutritional security. The importance of swachtha in the day to day activities is also emphasized to the farmers for overall wellbeing. The programme was coordinated by Dr. K.S.Rajaravindra of this Directorate.

 DAPSC input distribution

DAPSC input distribution program