Inputs to Tribal farmers in Telangana


ICAR-DPR distributes inputs for backyard poultry rearing to tribal farmers of Adilabad District, Telangana

ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad distributed Improved backyard chicken varieties (Vanaraja and Gramapriya) to Gond tribes of Tummaguda village (Indervalli Mandal), Adilabad district (Telangana) on 25th September 2021 under the DAPSTC programme. The programme aimed at improving the livelihood and nutritional security of remote tribal families through enhanced egg and meat production. Different inputs for backyard poultry rearing including the grown-up birds (825), night shelters (100), feeders (100), waterers (100) and feed (1600kgs) were distributed to 100 farmers to establish a small backyard unit as a subsidiary income provider. Dr. R.N. Chatterjee, Director, ICAR-DPR addressed the farmers and explained about the role of backyard poultry in sustainable rural livelihoods and doubling farmers income by 2022. Peoples representatives from local bodies actively participated in the programme and appreciated the efforts taken by the Directorate for the upliftment of the tribal farmers. The programme was attended by 200 tribal farmers including women in large numbers. Wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and SOP as per COVID guidelines was followed. Team of Scientists of this Directorate interacted with tribal beneficiaries and elaborated about scientific rearing of rural improved chicken varieties to obtain maximum benefit from the birds. Dr. M.V.L.N. Raju, Dr. U. Rajkumar, Dr. L.L.L.Prince, Dr. B. Prakash, Dr. K.S. Rajaravindra and Dr. S. Jayakumar from the Directorate participated in the programme. The programme was organized and coordinated by the TSP cell of the Directorate.

Tribal Farmers in Telangana    Tribal Farmers in Telangana
Tribal Farmers in Telangana  Tribal Farmers in Telangana